The applications that the Opticom cameras are deployed in are severe industrial applications and they continue to perform regularly and reliably. As we expand our operations we plan to order new cameras.
- Troy Haggkvist, Lafarge Quarry

I would challenge others to find a harsher environment than a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). We used cameras at multiple locations along the TBM to view progress and as indicators for material conveyance. These cameras were mounted beside conveyor belts which had hard rock tunneling waste transported at high speed past the camera. It was not uncommon for small and medium size rocks to hit these cameras on the lens and body. They stood up to this punishment 24/7 and the only thing replaced was the occasional protective glass on the camera enclosure. I would recommend these cameras for all harsh environment CCTV monitoring and surveillance. I believe the are virtually indestructible.
- Colin Savage, B.A.Sc, M.A.Sc, Seymour Capilano Twin Tunnels Project

I talked to you awhile back about some cameras for our portal cranes. I purchased three CC-02 cameras, they worked out great. We have also put another inside the mill.
- Ryan Burke, Peace Valley OSB

For about 8 years we have used the CC02 industrial cameras in the most demanding ways at our quarry. They are mounted on our conveyor systems and have always withstood the continuous vibration, dust and harsh weather conditions. We will add more in our future expansions.
- Brian Weeks, P. Eng

It’s a great little system. Installed it over half hour lunch break. The guys using it are amazed at the clarity!
It goes in my thin file of great products!
- Tom Fulton, Britton Lumber

My company is located in St. Petersburg Russia. We install video systems in large industrial factories in my country. We purchased 25 Opticom cameras for a Mining company in Siberia about 10 years ago. The cameras still are in use and have operated properly in harsh weather and high vibration."
- Vladimer Scoptik

When we were installing the video security and safety monitoring systems at the Universal Studios Theme Park we needed all of the performance features that Opticom's cameras provided. The rides required cameras that were waterproof, withstood constant vibration, captured clear sharp images and were small and compact so they could be installed in tight spaces. We chose the CC02 cameras and are glad we did."
- Greg Edelman